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For fans of the infamous TED Talks, the time is coming near for the annual TEDxMSU. For this event, TED, a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, teams up with Michigan State University and the surrounding East Lansing area. MSU students, alumni, faculty, friends, and other East Lansing locals will give different presentations, or TED Talks, centered on a theme. This year’s theme is Mobius. This topic will build off of the mathematical and geometrical concept of a Mobius strip, which is a 3D construct existing in a 2D space. In preparation for this event, we’ve profiled the different presenters and explained what they will be talking about.



Ania Pathak

Connection: MSU graduate in human physiology and philosophy

Topic: The ideas behind different kinds of infinities to explore and help define who we are and what we are capable of


Alex C. Lange

Connection: Assistant Director of the LGBT Resource Center at MSU

Topic: How we make connections between and amongst the issues and challenges of our world


Evan Fried

Connection: MSU graduate in business

Topic: How human-centered design can create social impact and innovation with domestic and international communities


Bryan Taylor

Connection: Resident in Lansing MI, founder/president of EduGuide

Topic: Research revealing new ways of thinking and how these new ways of thinking can be used to make sure all students succeed


Maen Hammad

Connection: MSU graduate and filmmaker

Topic: The critical role that skateboarding plays in Palestinian youth, self-development, and non-violent resistance


Jeffery Ford

Connection: MSU graduate, author, and advocate for autism spectrum disorders

Topic: How accepting his own differences has allowed him to touch the hearts of millions through his writing


Frances Pouch Downes

Connection: Professor at MSU with a joint appointment in biomedical diagnostics and public health programs

Topic: How billions of people suffer from the lack of willpower to provide cheap and effective treatment for tropical diseases


Sophia Lunt

Connection: An assistant professor for biochemistry and molecular biology at MSU

Topic: Her research in finding effective cancer therapy through studying how cancer cells metabolize sugar


Jennifer Beckner

Connection: MSU student and refugee development intern

Topic: How deeply investing in a single individual can make more of an impact than trying to change the entire globe


Margaret Hermanson

Connection: MSU student and museum exhibition designer

Topic: Museum exhibits are more than showing off artifacts; they can be immersive and fun through interactive design


Thaddeus Stegall

Connection: MSU graduate and student affairs advocate

Topic: Explores the relationship between education and society, and using student activism and institutional navigation for accountability


Peter Burroughs

Connection: MSU student, technical artist and video game designer

Topic: The process of creating a video game and how to apply these design and development lessons to everyday life


Rohit Menon

Connection: MSU graduate student and urban experience architect

Topic: The role of cities in local economic development and the focus on experience needed to build robust economies


TEDxMSU 2016: Mobius takes place at the Wharton Center on Wednesday March 2, 2016 from 6:00-10:30 p.m. Click to purchase tickets.


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