4 Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Website Redesign Services

Posted by Lisa Smith on Feb 26, 2016 8:24:42 AM



Your website needs an update. It may have worked as a reliable digital front door to your business for years, but your business has changed since then - and so have your customers. So you start thinking about taking advantage of an agency's website redesign services.


But do you know just what you should be looking for? Considering the plethora of options available at your fingertips, it's easy to get lost in the jungle. To make sure you find the perfect match to your needs, here are 4 things to keep in mind before you begin the process of redesigning your website.



1) The Strategic Approach

First, you should make sure that the developer you're about to work with shares a strategic approach that agrees with yours. What is their expected timeline for a redesign? Does it include a thorough analysis of your current website's strengths and weaknesses? How involved will you be in the process? And what about the budget?


Each developer will answer these questions slightly differently, depending on their expertise and experience with clients like yours. Finding one that matches your philosophy is crucial in ensuring a successful partnership that ultimately leads to a positive redesign process.


2) Content Focus

Next, you should find out where your potential partner stands on the content end of web development. The days of websites as static pillars are long over. Today, you need consistent, new, and relevant content that engages your audience and fits within your brand images.


That content can come in many forms, from videos and other visual materials on your landing pages to blogs and 'gated content' such as whitepapers or infographics. Ideally, your web redesign developer should come with the expertise necessary to help you create this content on an ongoing basis. But at the very least, they should be capable of creating a website that can house and showcase the content to your visitors.


3) Mobile Considerations

Perhaps the largest trend in website development over the past few years has been the rapidly increasing importance of mobile devices. If your website is older than two or three years, it may not even have the ability to adjust its size, layout, and navigation for mobile devices. But in 2016, when mobile devices have officially surpassed their desktop counterparts in internet usage, that ability has become absolutely crucial.


Enter responsive design. With a few adjustments in the code of your website, it can adjust seamlessly to the devices your visitors are using, minimizing horizontal scrolling and optimizing the navigation. But ideally, your developer should help design the entire website with mobile in mind, from increasing its visual focus to decreasing walls of text that harm your user experience.


4) What About SEO?

When a potential customer discovers a need they want solved, what do they do? In this digital age, they turn to Google or another search engine of their choice. Showing up in the results when that happens is a crucial part of increasing the brand awareness of your business, and search engine optimization can help you get there.


SEO is a complex process, one that involves both optimizing your code and the content on the website to make sure you rank highly for specific search terms. Responsive design plays into it as well, as do items like an SSL certificate or a good web host. Redesigning is a great place to ensure that your efforts in this field are optimized as well as they should be, and an experienced developer should help you get to a point where your website consistently shows up in your audience's search query results.


Are you thinking about redesigning your website to bring it into 2016? If so, the above considerations are absolutely crucial to get as much out of the project as you can. To learn more about each item, or start talking to a developer who'd love to help you get started in the process, contact us.


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